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A dacha (country house) may be located not only in the rural area in the vicinity of the city where you live: many people now buy land abroad to build houses there. Thus you can not only save money, but also have a cottage that fully meets your requirements.

However, laws of a number of countries prohibit purchase of land plots, particularly agricultural land, by foreigners. Moreover, it is often much more difficult to buy agricultural land than a land plot for construction, as a certain package of documents is required for this purpose.

Here are some examples. Thailand has an effective ban on sale of land to foreign residents. The only way to acquire a plot of land is to establish a company with 51% of its stock owned by a citizen of the kingdom. The second option is leasehold with no ownership guaranteed.

In Mexico, purchase and sale of land in the so-called “federal zone” owned by the country’s government are strictly prohibited.


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International broker ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) has been successfully operating on the global real estate market for over twelve years and performing all and any procedures associated with purchase and rent of flats, houses and plots of land abroad. If you wish to buy land abroad, feel free to contact us. We will select any plot in any corner of the globe for you and take care of all paperwork and handling any bureaucratic hurdles.

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General market situation

There may be different plots of land available for purchase by foreigners, including those located within city limits or in rural areas, as well as islands abroad. The cost of properties depends on the country where they are located, their size and the surrounding infrastructure.

Let us review the situation on land markets in various countries.

In Finland foreign investors’ rights to buy land for development purposes are equal to those of the country’s nationals. However, local municipal authorities may impose a number of restrictions, including the requirement of complying with a certain construction schedule, timely commissioning of the project and some others.

Foreigners usually seek to buy land in Finland with an area between six hundred and two thousand square meters and all required facilities, on the first coastal line, in the vicinity of mountain ski resorts and SPA centers. Cottage plots are the most sought after market segment in that country with a tax of €200 and a registration fee of €150 payable. As for the prices, the best-selling land plots in Finland range between €25,000 and €60,000 on average.

Foreigners have no problems with buying land in Czechia. The terms and conditions of development of the purchased plot need to be discussed and approved by the local mayor’s office with a Land Development Plan to be submitted thereto. The most popular sites in that country are those in the vicinity of metropolises as they are cheaper than urban land. The current land prices in Prague are as follows: 1 square meter costs between €185 and €370 in the city and between €55 and €110 in the suburbs. Finding a land plot within the city limits may be a challenge today.

Sale of land plots to foreigners in Montenegro is subject to certain conditions. Thus, an individual may purchase not more than 5,000 sq. m of land. If you wish to buy a larger plot of land, it can be delimited with the assistance of ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL). For this purpose the land will be divided in parts and registered for various members of your family. Another option is to register the land for a legal person that has in its staff an accountant with a monthly salary of €100. Building a house on the purchased land requires an appropriate approval. An average cost of a square meter in that Balkan country varies between €40 and €1,300.

Purchase of land in Bulgaria is allowed to legal persons only. It takes approximately €600 and about a month to register land. Some land plots are located outside development areas.

Greece takes a favorable stance to foreign investors: land purchased there can be registered both for individuals and corporations. However, no land is sold in forest areas, on archeological excavation sites or in conservation territories.

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Land plots abroad by ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL)

The broker accepts requests for services 24/7. Just tell us:

  • What land you are interested in;
  • In what country your future plot is situated;
  • How you intend to use it;
  • Size of land;
  • Your budget.

We will promptly select various alternatives for you. To be able to choose the optimal one, we recommend personal inspection of the land using our company’s turn-key services.

Our managers will:

  • Have your visa and insurance policy issued;
  • Book air tickets or offer private aircraft for charter;
  • Take care of your stay at a hotel or rent an apartment or a house abroad;
  • Provide a car or a helicopter for land inspection;
  • Provide the services of an experienced representative for due diligence of the transaction and an interpreter;
  • Tackle any matters arising in the course of the work.

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Feel free to contact us for high-quality services from any corner of the globe – our representation offices are open in 117 countries. We speak 34 languages and will easily understand each other.

ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL): all you need for your wellbeing!


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