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Поиск недвижимости

Foreign investors may acquire any commercial property abroad, including offices, shops, hotels, warehouses and production facilities.

Purchase of such real estate in a foreign country is a profitable investment promising higher returns than residential property.

Foreigners acquire commercial properties both for subsequent lease to a reliable company or for own use. In this case the investor not only profits from his business, but also enjoys it.

Returns on investment in hotels in Greece average at 7%, those in supermarkets in Germany at 6.6%, in flats for rent in Munich at 3.9%, and in rental houses in Berlin at 2.8%.

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Commercial property can be purchased abroad with the assistance of international broker ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL). We:

  • Have been operating on this market for over twelve years;
  • Possess an extensive and ever-expanding database of commercial property worldwide;
  • Have representation offices in 117 countries of the world and speak 34 languages;
  • Pay heed to the wishes of each customer and take on even the most challenging tasks.

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Commercial property prices abroad

The cost of commercial properties depends on their type, location, area and a number of other factors. Here are some pertinent examples.

A 3,200 sq. m building in Spain’s Marbella is offered for resale at €9,000,000.

Sixty square meter offices and shopping premises can be acquired in the Turkish resort of Alanya for €135,000.

A newly built multistory commercial property in Limassol, Cyprus with an area of 4,710 square meters including premises for a shop on the ground floor is put up for sale at €27,000,000.

A 457 sq. m shop in Ljutomer, Slovenia is offered to buyers for €640,000.

A 470 sq. m hotel near the lake of Como in Italy is listed for €3,300,000.

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Commercial property abroad by ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL)

Cooperation with our company starts with collection of information about the property you want to get. Just tell us:

  • Type of the property;
  • Location;
  • Area;
  • Purpose of purchase, expected return;
  • Your budget.

We will use the information given to us to select an optimal offer for you. Our services are paid for by wire transfer.

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If you decide to inspect the commercial property personally, we will assist you in arranging your travel abroad. Available for you are:

  • Private aircraft provided by the broker, including business jets and helicopters;
  • Services of issuing visas and insurance policies, purchase of air tickets, booking hotel rooms, or renting accommodation in any country of the world;
  • Professional interpreters and lawyers provided by our company;
  • A representative of ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) to attend the transaction and take care of it being in strict conformity with effective laws.

In addition, we can assist in solving any matters associated with tax payment or insuring international property, and advise you on proper organization of business operations in foreign countries. Feel free to call or write to us – our first consultation is given at no charge!


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