Продажа домов за рубежом

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Dreaming of your own house up in the mountains or a comfortable villa on the seacoast? International broker ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) can help you make your dream come true!

Our company has been successfully operating on the global real estate market for over twelve years. We are competent in selling villas in any corner of the globe, assessing the condition of private houses, and insuring property. The broker has an extensive database of cottages in all countries. If you contact us, you will find what you need fast and easily.

Продажа домов за рубежом

Purchase of houses abroad

Russian citizens have the right to acquire any private houses abroad. However, the governments of some countries impose certain restrictions on investors: for example, Russians may not buy residential property in Abkhazia. If you dream of a cottage in that country, the managers of ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) will help you solve this problem in a legal way.

It should be noted that purchase of property abroad opens great opportunities for investors. Thus, if you use the broker’s service of sale of cottages, you can be qualified for obtaining citizenship in a number of countries, in particular, Spain, Latvia, Czechia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Hungary, and Portugal.

Authorities generally specify a minimum amount to be spent for real estate in their country. For example, it is €500,000 in Spain and €250,000 in Latvia.

Before you buy a house abroad, you should soberly evaluate your financial capabilities. Thus, sale of chalets abroad is a service by ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL), for which you will have to pay a fair amount of money: prestigious houses in the French Alps and other mountain ski resorts are not cheap. Don’t forget about extra expenses that purchase of property abroad is associated with, such as taxes and utility and maintenance bills.

Some Russian investors buy houses abroad for subsequent lease. Those are primarily properties in resort areas like Croatia, Greece and Italy. Real estate abroad can bring good profits. Feel free to contact our company’s manager and get a detailed consultation if you seek property as a source of future income.

Продажа вилл за рубежом

Cost of houses abroad

Villas can be purchased abroad both on the primary and secondary markets. Houses offered by their owners are typically cheaper, but you should be ready for additional expenses of repair works.

Following are approximate prices of houses abroad.

  • A 320 sq. m luxurious villa in Cannes, Cote d’Azur overlooking the sea is put up for sale at €2,850,000.
  • A four-room house in Grimaud, France is available for €800.
  • A castle in France’s Aix-en-Provence is for sale at €4,900,000.
  • A 450 sq. m ten-room villa in picturesque Umbria, Italy is listed for €670,000.
  • A 113 sq. m eight-room house in Sydney, Australia is offered for sale at €1,000,000.
  • A 180 sq. m four-room cottage in Pomorie, Bulgaria can be acquired for €77,900.
  • A 279 sq. m villa with a swimming pool and a view of the Koro Sea in Fiji is exhibited for sale at €1,725,000.

How to buy a house abroad

To make your dream of owning a house abroad come true, just contact our company managers. We will need the following information for success of our cooperation:

  • Country and city where you intend to buy property;
  • Size;
  • Requirements to the exterior, architectural solutions, and the interior;
  • Requirements to the surrounding infrastructure;
  • Primary or secondary market;
  • Budget.

Купить виллу на Лазурном Берегу

Having received this information, the manager of ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) will immediately proceed with the search of up-to-date offers and provide you with a choice of several alternatives.

We advise our customers against buying property abroad blindfold and offer them a turn-key service of sale of houses abroad. We can:

  • Have the required international travel documents (a visa, an insurance policy) issued;
  • Buy air tickets; you can also avail yourself of the business aviation services rendered by the broker;
  • Book a hotel room or rent accommodation for the duration of the customer’s stay abroad;
  • Organize transfer;
  • Invite a representative of the company to attend the consummation of the transaction for due diligence purposes and provide an interpreter, if necessary;
  • Have the house insured;
  • Assist in getting a mortgage in a foreign bank.

продажа шале за границей

The staff of ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) can answer all your property-related questions and help you find the house of your dream. Just call us – and you will be one step closer to it!


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