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Buying an apartment or a house abroad is a dream cherished by many: owning residential property in a foreign country means the ability to enjoy various privileges like vacationing at your favorite location in any season not worrying about booking a hotel or leasing other accommodation.

Purchase of real estate in certain countries grants a residence permit and, later on, citizenship to investors.

Owners of international commercial property have an operating profitable business with no need to reside in the country where the real estate they invest in is located.

International broker ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) offers high-quality professional services of international property sale. If you set your mind on buying an apartment or a house in any country of the world, feel free to contact us: you’ll own the desired property pretty soon.

продажа недвижимости за рубежом

Residence prices abroad

Residential real estate prices differ depending on the country of your choice as well as the type and size of the property, the number of rooms therein, its location and the surrounding infrastructure.


Property in Barcelona, Spain, is currently in great demand. Apartments with an area of 91 sq. m are available here for €740,000. A ten-room villa with a swimming pool will cost to its buyer €5,740,000.

Russian investors are attracted by houses in Bulgaria. A four-room 176 sq. m single-family house in Kardam is put up for sale for €21,900.

Germany lures property buyers by its calm political situation. A three-room 65 sq. m house in Saxony is purchasable for as little as €6,900. A one-room 22.44 sq. m flat in Thuringia will cost to its byer €14,000.

Resort-type residence on the Italian seacoast is invariably sought after. An ancient 26-room 1,184 sq. m villa in San Remo is listed for €13,999,000. More modest alternatives are offered for a fraction of this price: a one-room 60 sq. m townhouse with a garden in Scalea costs €12,900.

Prague is a top seller for Russian investors. One-room 36 sq. m apartment is available for sale in this city for €144,000.

Residential property in Cyprus is commonly purchased with a view of obtaining a residence permit. A one-room 55.7 sq. m flat here costs €59,600.

Many buyers prefer seaside real estate in Greece for high-quality vacation purposes. A five-room 109 sq. m townhouse in Chalkidiki is valued at €160,000.

Asia and Americas

Exotica enthusiasts will be keen to learn international residential property prices in tropical countries, the USA and Latin America.

The prices of two- to four-bedroom houses on the second coastline in the Indian resort of Goa range between $70,000 and $90,000. Apartments in the state cost $24,000 upwards.

A 60 sq. m house in Thailand’s Phuket overlooking Patong Bay is put up for sale for $184,000. A 32 sq. m flat in the same resort can be bought for $132,000.

A one-room luxurious apartment with a swimming pool is offered in Bali, Indonesia, for $1,107,000.

The price of a three-room 60 sq. m apartment in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is $47,000.

A 65 sq. m flat in Japan will cost to its buyer $480,000. Private houses in that country are valued at $600,000.

A two-room flat in New York, NY, costs some $1,000,000. A penthouse in Manhattan will cost $50,000,000.

In Mexico, a 54 sq. m apartment is available for $212,000. A three-room 170 sq. m villa there will cost to its buyer $170 000.

A three-room 80 sq. m apartment in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, can be bought for $114,000. A five-room 430 sq. m villa in Sosua is listed at $408,000.

купить недвижимость за рубежом

ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) services

Cooperation with ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL) means dealing with a broker backed by over twelve years of experience in various international property sale transactions. The company has representation offices in 117 countries of the world: feel free to contact us from anywhere globally!

All you need to do is get in touch with our representative in any way convenient for you – via the website, by phone, email or a messenger – and provide the following details:

  • type of property you want to buy – a flat or a house;
  • location;
  • size in square meters;
  • budget.

Our company staff will promptly select possible options in line with your request. If you are interested in any particular property you have found by yourself, the broker’s manager can assess its condition and conformity to the displayed photo and description.

продать дом за границей

If necessary, you can use our company’s turn-key services. We can arrange your travel abroad for inspection of the real estate and consummation of the deal. We will:

  • Have a visa and an insurance policy issued;
  • Book air tickets or offer aircraft for rent;
  • Rent accommodation abroad or book a hotel room for the whole duration of your stay in the country where you plan to buy a flat or a house;
  • Arrange for transfer services;
  • Organize inspection of the property by helicopter;
  • Offer a representative of our company to attend the deal as a due diligence exercise and provide interpreter services;
  • Take out insurance and have the property registered.

Welcome abroad together with ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL)!



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