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Поиск недвижимости

International property is attractive both for buyers and tenants. Of particular demand are apartments and villas in resort areas rented for vacations. Accommodation is also rented for business trips, studies and work travel.

ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL), an international broker, can assist you in renting any type of residence abroad from compact studios to luxurious villas and castles. We have representation offices in 117 countries of the world, and you can contact us from any corner of the globe! We operate an extensive real estate database and can offer you high-quality property at decent prices.

аренда недвижимости за рубежом, снять жилье за границей

International property rental prices

Residence rental rates depend on the type and location of the property, its condition, floor space and surrounding infrastructure.

The most expensive properties are generally those located on the seaside or in the centers of major cities within a walking distance from key points of interest or in business districts of megacities. On the contrary, the lowest-budget offers include one-room flats, studios situated far from the city center, or houses in the suburbs or on the second coastal line of seaside resorts.

Second hand residential properties are usually cheaper than flats in newly built houses, with some exceptions, though. It goes without saying that rare ancient villas, mansions and castles are not inexpensive.

Here are some examples. An 80 sq. m two-room apartment on the first coastal line in Cabarete, the Dominican Republic can be rented for $60 per day. A 53 sq. m studio on the ocean shore in the same resort costs $50 per day.

Unfurnished apartments with floor space of 115 sq. m in Rome, Italy can be rented for €2,500 per month. A 220 sq. m nine-room villa in Forte dei Marmi located a kilometer off the sea is offered for rent at €15,000 per the same term. At the same time, a 50 sq. m flat in Turin is €800 per month.

The rental rate for a 210 sq. m nine-room villa in Hautes-Pyrénées, France is €1,500 per month. A house with four bedrooms and three sitting rooms in Biarritz overlooking the sea can be rented for €13,500 per week. A 106 sq. m apartment in Courchevel with a view of the Alps is offered for rent a €1,570 per week. A 50 sq. m two-room flat in Cannes can be rented for €850 per month.

A 47 sq. m three-room flat in Riga, Latvia is for rent at €420 per month.

A 60 sq. m flat in Manhattan, USA will cost to its tenant $2,000 per month upwards.

Как снять жильё за рубежом

Cooperation with ArendaLazur TM (Cofrance SARL)

Our manager needs to know the following details to be able to start our cooperation:

  • Type of residence you wish to rent abroad;
  • Country where it is located;
  • Floor space;
  • Number of other persons to reside with you;
  • Desired term of rent;
  • Approximate budget.

аренда жилья

Our staff will promptly develop a commercial offer for you to choose in the selection of properties the one that best meets your expectations.

Whichever  property you need – a comfortable chalet in the Swiss mountains, an ancient castle in Scotland, a small house on the seashore in Cambodia, or a prestigious apartment in a newly built residential project in Japan, feel free to contact us: we will surely find something to offer you and make you 200% satisfied!



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