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Поиск недвижимости

Cagnes-sur-Mer is a very interesting, attractive and lovely resort on the Cote d’Azur, France. It can be seen immediately after arriving by plane to Nice. The airport with its “lanes” for take-off and landing is located in such a way that from there opens a scenic overview of Cagnes-sur-Mer. The city is glad to welcome every guest, arriving on the Cote d’Azur, with its greenery and the cleanest sea. The city stretches in two directions at once: along the beach line for about four kilometers and upwards at a short distance from brilliant Nice.

Cagnes-sur-Mer is a city with a very interesting cruciform arrangement, visually divided into the seaside area – Cros-de-Cagnes with a wide and picturesque embankment for unhurried walks along the sea and the so-called “residential” and historical village part – Haut-de-Cagnes, “high Cagnes”, with luxurious villas and residential buildings, located in the mountains, on an elevation. The oldest central part of the city is just far from the sea, offering a stunning view of the neighboring neighborhood – the majestic Alps, the glittering Nice and, of course, the endless sea.

“High Cagnes” is a reflection of the historical city past with its medieval architectural sights, while Cros-de-Cagnes is the “face” of modernity – this is a beautiful promenade with numerous places for rest, cozy cafes, crafts shops and gourmet restaurants, the interior of which is often very brave.

The central place in the city life is occupied by the beautiful promenade in Cagnes-sur-Mer – a platform for events of different formats, festivals and exhibitions, enchanting shows, held here at any time of the year. Like in Nice, this is the liveliest place of the city.

Галечный пляж Кань-сюр-Мер

Historical heritage of Cagnes-sur-Mer

Like many cities on the Cote d’Azur, in Cagnes-sur-Mer archaeologists find many valuable historical artifacts of the Roman Empire and the presence of the Greeks here – these are pots, household utensils and furnishings, decorations, wine making equipment and olive oil.

The city name is very interesting – it originates from a descendant of the famous prince of Monaco, Jean-Henri Grimaldi, who was called the “Baron de Cagnes” by population. This ruler took the patronage of France in the seventeenth century and swore an oath to the king. In the castle, built in the region of Cagnes-sur-Mer, the baron built a whole palace, where he and his descendants led a luxurious life before the Great Revolution of France, after which they would be exiled. An abandoned luxury residence attracted private individuals, who purchased and subsequently restored it (fr. Chateau Grimaldi). Currently, there are two exhibitions in the Grimaldi castle – one for the olive oil production, and the other, dedicated to cabaret; portraits of its stars occupy more than one wall in the palace.

At first, Cagnes-sur-Mer was just a small fishing pier, where a lot of boats moored, distinguished by pointed noses, called “cagnes”; that is how the city got its name.

Picturesque views of the sea and the surrounding landscapes of Cagnes-sur-Mer for a long time attracted people of creative professions, impressionist masters, among whom, above all, Auguste Renoir should be named. After the creator moved here, he could not part with picturesque Cagnes, spent here 12 years of his life and died in this wonderful place. Here, Renoir discovered many new colors and ideas for his works.

In Cagnes-sur-Mer, there is the house-museum of this famous artist (fr. Musee Renoir), surrounded by olive and citrus trees. All lovers of the artist’s works will be interested in looking at his workshop, which surrounded his household items and works. The museum was renewed in 2013.


Next door to Nice

Cagnes-sur-Mer will be an attractive and desirable vacation place for those who are eager to meet the warm sea, the gentle sun, cannot live without an atmosphere of fun and new experiences. A small seaside city will seem a quiet cozy place in comparison with its noisy “neighbor”, Nice. Cagnes prefer travelers who appreciate a leisurely relaxing holiday with a small number of tourists around. However, this resort cannot be called completely quiet either – a motorway runs parallel to the central promenade.

Cagnes-sur-Mer boasts a huge selection of coastal hotels, forming entire complexes, such as Nemea Residence de Lido.

The beach in Cagnes-sur-Mer is strewn with small pebbles that make it little different from Nice.

Among other entertainments, there is a Terrazur casino and the Cote d’Azur racecourse.

You will not get bored in Cagnes-sur-Mer!


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