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About Biot

Biot on the Cote d’Azur, from the historical point of view, is a very picturesque, compact and charming mountain village of artisans and craftsmen with its unique “character” and heritage.

If you want to know what France was like in the Middle Ages, be sure to visit Biot; its architecture and cultural, historical content has hardly changed since then. Despite its rather “high” location on a hill, the settlement has excellent transport accessibility and is only a few minutes’ drive from the “famous” Nice and Cannes. In addition, the town provides a large parking lot for travelers and visitors. Biot is very hospitable.

It welcomes tourists with flowers, which can be seen everywhere on numerous lawns, including wildflowers in the windows of houses, narrow streets, paved with stone winding, that carry you higher and higher along the slope. Bewitched by the surrounding beauty, anyone can completely forget about fatigue and go farther from the parking lot up Saint Sebastian rue, which meets visitors with numerous cafes and shops.

The city architecture is fascinating – in addition to the amazing historical monuments, museums and the Place des Arcades, where the market used to be located, Biot is full of beautiful medieval arches of the XII century. It seems that a crusader or Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is just about to come out of the next tunnel.

City of masters

If you want to bring not only exquisite perfumes from a trip to France, to commemorate the hero of a Susskind’s novel, and fragrant Marseille soap, filled with local souvenir shops, but also very interesting decorative items in the form of glasses, mugs, intricate jugs, you need to visit Biot  After all, the city is one of the main glassmaking centers in France.

Its main attraction is glass. Several factories and galleries are located at the foot of the hill – at the entrance to the city.

Art glass factory (fr. la Verrerie de Biot) is waiting for its visitors for a tour. Here you can see how beautiful products of artisans are born, how inanimate matter, which will serve people for a long time, is animated in the hands of masters.

Biot was always famous for its pottery. There are numerous deposits of sand, clay and magnesia. Since ancient times, the Phocians have sent goods in the form of pots and other products through the port of Antibes for sale.

Биот Франция

From medieval charm to modernity

The city has a well-preserved Romanesque church, dating back to 1506 – St. Mary Magdalene church (fr. Eglise Sainte Marie Madeleine). Here is the painted iconostasis of the Virgin Mary of the XVI century located.

It is interesting to visit the contemporary art museum (fr. Musée nationale Fernand Legér) of Fernand Leger, a representative of Cubism, in Biot. It is famous as the only museum in France, dedicated to a single artist.

In this medieval city, as in the whole France, they respect traditions. Only here, thanks to the efforts of local old families, the Museum of History and Ceramics of Biota (fr. Le Musée d’Histoire et de Céramique Biotoises) was opened. In the museum, you can see the collection of decorative fountains, cans, costumes, crafts, photographs, objects that characterize the lifestyle of the past.

In Biot, there is also the Bonsai Museum (fr. le Bonsaï Arboretum); the garden covers an area of 1000 sq. m. It is a collection of the Okonek family.

Biot is a cute French town; it is located within easy reach of the main entertainment of the major Cote d’Azur resorts. Nearby are Merinland, the largest amusement park in Europe, the Butterfly Jungle, Luna parks and aquaparks, a small Provencal farm, as well as an eighteen-hole golf club located.

Biot combines the charm of a true French province and the grandeur of holidays on the Cote d’Azur – entertainment, luxury, sea and sun.

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