Аренда недвижимости во Франции

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Поиск недвижимости

Property rental in France

It is necessary to rent an apartment so that the rest on the Cote d’Azur would be special and memorable for a long time. It is a great opportunity, without buying real estate, to feel comfortable in this paradise. Property rental in France will allow to fully appreciate the gorgeous Mediterranean coast, the blue sea, the radiant sun.

On the Cote d’Azur, you can rent a villa with a sea view and a luxury apartment. Well-groomed villa will delight you with two pools, a tennis court, an exclusive atmosphere, comfort. It guarantees complete privacy. Even if the apartment is located in the Cannes hills, among the olive groves, in the evening you can look at the fashionable restaurant, stroll along the coast.

You can rent an apartment, as well as a luxury one, in a residential complex of a cozy, quiet Provencal town, a few kilometers from the sea. Even if you have hardly any funds, property rental on the Cote d’Azur is quite possible. Just deal with this issue in advance and be sure to get an interesting offer.

Rental of an apartment will make you feel worthy in this paradise of wealthy people, relax as good as possible in a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Besides, rental of an apartment is cheaper than of a hotel.


Property rental in France may be of interest to Russia residents in two different aspects. Those who can afford it, buy an apartment or houses for themselves; others rent them out to get a small but steady income.

The profitability of such a business depends on the property location and its consumer properties – comfortability, size, layout, cost and other factors. When buying a rental object, you need to carefully choose the area, considering the demand, so as not to get into a situation, where the rental does not compensate for the purchase costs, and furthermore – for the mortgage costs, if the property was bought on credit.

Аренда недвижимости

For the business prosperity, you should choose the type of housing that is in demand in a particular area. For long-term accommodation, rental of an apartment in France is more suitable in those areas of cities, from which it is easy to reach the center, where the main places of work and study are located. A tenant, planning permanent residence, is looking for an apartment with a well-equipped comfortable kitchen, a spacious living room, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms.

Those, looking for vacation rentals, prefer to rent property on the Cote d’Azur or in the Alps. For them, proximity to the sea or cable car, the number of beds, showers and toilets are more important.

It is the most profitable to buy apartments for further rent out, when the construction is in progress, while prices have not yet begun to rise. In this case, the costs will be paid off much earlier.

Аренда недвижимости

You can rent out and rent a property in France through Russian and French agencies and management companies that help make this as beneficial as possible for both parties.

In France, it is customary to take from the tenants a guarantee deposit, corresponding to the cost of living for several months, for a long term and from those who are on vacation – by agreement, depending on the cost of interior items, furniture and equipment. If the tenants cannot provide work documents or other financial guarantees, they may be asked to pay for six months in advance or agree to hold an amount, equal to the annual rental payment, on the tenant’s bank account. In some cases, the guarantee is accepted by the guarantor, who assumes financial obligations in case of non-payment of contributions by the tenants.

Rental of real estate in France usually provides for a monthly payment. Agency commission ranges from 20% to 100% of the monthly payment. Curiously enough, there are also agencies in France that give addresses of landlords and tenants on the cheap without any guarantees, so the high commission implies that both parties will get help right up to the moment of their arrival. If necessary, the transaction may be further accompanied, including the receipt and transfer of rent, monitoring the rental object’s safety and solving administrative problems.


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