Berlin International Real Estate and Investment Congress promises premieres

One of them is the new global giant of the marketplace. It looks like Amazon and Alibaba will have to move. And we will tell the guests of the congress about this first!

In the 1st quarter of 2020, a very large project will be officially launched with the introduction of products into the global market — For the first 1000 traders / sellers, registration and participation are free, minimal comission payment only for real sales. The platform has not yet started, and it can already be awarded the status of the crypto- friendly project. There you can buy and sell not only for the traditional currency, but also for cryptocurrency.

The organizers promise an unprecedented advantage — for each purchase, customers will receive guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens, which can instantly be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies, USD / EUR, send them to VISA / MasterCard or save them.

Who is the creator of the future giant?

One of the project leaders Nikolay Shkilev, Co-founder & CEO of the ZELWIN marketplace, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, has been awarded many prizes like Self-Made, Super TOP, Best Mentor of the Year in IT & Startup, as well as according to Forbes and others international rating platforms is in the TOP 3 people in the Blockchain field. A total of 11 more international teams of experts stand behind the leader, including developers, designers, sales specialists, programmers, blockchain technology specialists, lawyers, economists, PR specialists and marketers, HR specialists, e-commerce specialists and a lot others.

Nikolay Shkilev

Nikolay Shkilev, Performance at the Blockchain Life 2018

Forecasts of ZELWIN financial analysts by the end of 2020 will have a capitalization of 1 billion US dollars, a community of 10 million people, 1,000 stores. In 2022, more than 100,000 stores and 10,000,000 products monthly.

H.R.H. Prince Michel De Yougoslavie

Chanpeng Zhao

John McAfee

At the congress, Nikolai will present his project, as well as hold a series of meetings. It is worth to mention, that ZELWIN already has hundreds of partnerships, and this is before the official launch of the mass PR campaign. «Every year we review hundreds of investment projects, evaluate the winners for achievements in the field of economic development, politics and international relations,» says Anna Stukkert, owner of the investment company Stukkert & Co, chief organizer of the International Congress of Real Estate and Investment.

Anna Stukkert

One of the halls of the Investment Congress

Valentin Ponikarev

Another premiere is a partnership with EVE Group Milan and its founder, Valentin Ponikarev. About investments in the world of fashion, about technology and marketing on the brink of art — Valentin will tell the guests of the congress in his speech about this. Furla, Armani, Fendi, Valentino are just some of the clients of the creative agency that Valentine represents.

Additionally, Valentin Ponikarev 03/01/20 will take part in WORLD SHOW DESIGNERS in the Paris Maison de l’Amérique Latine / palace-monument of historical heritage / on the 7th day of Fashion Week in Paris 2020.


There is more than one ace in our sleeve. See you in Berlin!



The International Congress of Real Estate and Investments is a large, prestigious

business event in Europe.

On February 25 th , 2020, the forum will be held in Berlin at the site of the closed

club of millionaires — Berlin Capital Club and will be the sixth in a row.

International Congress of Real Estate and Investment is:

  • more than 2,000 participants from 29 countries representing real estate valued

from 500,000 to 50 million euros;

  • gross turnover of transactions of more than 120 million euros;
  • More than 500 direct B2C clients from 25 countries;

Congress is covered by 80 world media such as: ABC, CBS, NBC, The Los

Angeles Journal, Yahoo Finance, The New York Journal, Digital Journal,

Singapore Roundup.


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